With Christmas literally right around the corner, you may find yourself stumped with what to get someone on your holiday gift list. That is what I wanted to put together a last minute, gender neutral gift guide that has gifts that just about anyone would love.

1. Thymes Fir Candle  This candle is beyond perfect for the holidays! It gives you that Christmas smell (which I’m missing this year because I have a fake tree)….but seriously, if your house doesn’t feel right without the smell of a fresh tree, then you HAVE to get this candle! Thymes is by far my favorite brand that makes candles and the scent “Frazier Fir” is so fresh and clean smelling…like you’re outside on a day with fresh snowfall surrounded by pine trees. It burns perfectly, lasts long and the scent isn’t overpowering but just right!

2. Nespresso Espresso Maker with Frother

This is my favorite little Nespresso machine and frother! Unfortunately, someone stole mine (I actually bought this exact set from Amazon), so I’m without it as I write this. However, this is the first thing I plan on buying once I save up some money.

Once you have a Nespresso, there’s no going back! Kinda like when you went from old school brewing a cup of coffee to a Kureig…this is the next step up! Seriously, once you try Nespresso, there’s no going back. This espresso maker is the perfect size for use at home (with a perfect cup of espresso in under 2 minutes) but also the perfect size to travel with. Plus, it comes with a frother where all you have to do is add milk and push a button and you have a perfect froth every time!

3. Ugg Slippers

These slippers are great for both men and women and are a great gift idea! They are pretty gender neutral and both men and women can rock this slipper in the cognac cooor but they also come in plenty of other colors as well. Plus, they are incredibly warm & cozy…anyone would be thrilled to receive these slippers as a gift!

4. Fit Bit Charge 2

This is the perfect gift for any of your fitness obsessed friends or family. After reading several reviews, I would suggest sticking to the Charge 2 instead of the Charge 3 which has many reports saying that it is still buggy and acting up. I had a Charge 2 and can speak from personal experience that the Charge 2 is by far my favorite model out of all of the fit bits (I’ve used pretty much all of them). Instead of gaining weight this holiday season, your loved ones will be loosing it with this Fit Bit!

5. Scratch off World MapIf you know anyone who likes to travel, this is the perfect gift for them! It’s a great  way to keep track of where someone has been as well as plan for their next adventure.

6. The Perfect Throw Blanket

Maybe it’s just because I’m up in the mountains this time of year and freeeezing my ass off the majority of the time, but there’s nothing better than a nice, cozy, warm throw blanket. This one is super soft and luxurious…plus it’s nice and thick and will do the trick at keeping you warm when it’s cold outside!

7.  Electric Heat Dish

Speaking of staying warm in the cold, this heater is just what you or anyone on your shopping list may be looking for! I have this exact heater and it warms me up in no time! It’s also easier on your electric bill versus standard space heaters and has safety features as well, making it by far the best small space heater I’ve ever used!

8. Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

This is the perfect gift for a hostess! It has a great finish and overall quality of both the wooden board and the knives/utensils. It’s the perfect gift for almost any occasion and I’m sure the person you are shopping for will love it and get plenty of use out of it!

9. Infusion Water Bottle

This is a great gift idea for practically anyone since we all need to drink our water! What better way than to make it tasty by infusing some delicious fruit flavors…plus carting around a water bottle tends to get people to drink more water!

10. Holiday Scratchers


Who doesn’t love the possibility of hitting a big jackpot??? With my families White Elephant game, I picked out 5 of these bad boys and put them in a cute box. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the more luster after items and should have at least a small winner or two inside. I play scratchers from time to time and have had more luck with tickets that are $5 and up. Also, it may be a superstitious thing but I prefer to buy at the beginning of a role. Just look at the last number on the front of the ticket or ask someone who works at the store and they will tell you…I have won the most with tickets from 0-25.

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