Up until last year, I had always made New Years Resolutions that I could never seem to keep. Then, last year, I was inspired to come up with a word that would summarize everything that I wanted for that upcoming year.

Last year, my word was “Less”…

Less weight.

Less debt.

Less stress.

I had nothing but good intentions for 2018 when I choose that word, but it definitely did not go the way that I had planned.

I have to say that the universe has a funny way of granting wishes and that you have to be careful with what you wish for.


Last year “Less” definitely ended up being the theme of 2018…literally. While I did loose weight being homeless and strung out on heroin, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I chose the theme for my upcoming year. I literally ended up with less of everything. I lost my car, my house, all of my belongings…the list goes on and on. I even came close to loosing my sanity along my life in 2018.

Ouch…guess that proves we all have to be very selective when it comes to what we wish for.

The thing with addiction is that life will never get better when you are abusing drugs and alcohol. It’s almost like a universal law because, trust me…if there was one person who thought that I could somehow manage to thrive in my addiction, it was me. I worked so much harder to try to stay afloat. I worked harder than I had ever worked before in my life and still managed to barely stay afloat before my world started to crumble in around me. Life just will never get better in the midst of addiction. Fact.


This year is going to be different…to start, I’m clean and sober. Just as there is some unwritten, universal law against people thriving while doing harm to themselves while trapped in an addiction, there also seems to be a universal law for those who are in recovery from addiction. Life has a magical way of getting better when you get clean…I don’t know how or why, but it always seems to be the case.

I also thought long and hard about a word that wouldn’t bite me in my ass for 2019.


My word for 2019 is “Better”…

Better health.

Better relationships.

Better finances.

For 2019, I plan on making myself and the world just a little better each and every day.

It’s small, consistent changes everyday that have the potential to add up to big changes and incredible results. So, promising myself that each day I will strive to be just a little better than the day before is definitely a New Years “word” and promise to myself that I know I can keep.

Have you thought about doing a New Years “word” instead of a resolution? If so, please share with me what your word will be…



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