I would like to introduce you to an incredible woman named Patricia Garza-Pinto. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Medicine Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Corrective Exercise Coach…just to name a few of her qualifications.

She is also founder of Divine Your Power – Health and Wellness for the 21st Century Healer, which is an empowerment training and coaching program for women and healers.


To top it off, she is also the author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Heal Your Body Book – 15 Essential Steps To Heal Our Body, Mind and Spirit. 

It turns out that Patricia’s grandmother was a healer, so she’s got “it” in her blood. I can tell you that after experiencing a spiritual healing session from her, I can honestly say that she is “the real deal”.

I first heard about this amazing woman when my mother mentioned that I should read about her in Radiance magazine. I was intrigued. Deep down I knew that my spirit needed healing and felt like she would be the perfect person to help me begin that process. I secretly wished that I would one day I would be able to meet her and somehow be able to do a healing session with her or attend one of her retreats.


Literally the day after I read about Patricia, I ran into her while walking my dogs (she’s friends with my mother and recoginized my pups)!

There truly are no coincidences in life…within a few days of meeting Patricia, I ran into her again while walking my dogs with my mother. It turns out that we are neighbors and by the end of our second encounter, we had set up a time to meet to do a spiritual healing.

She must have sensed that I needed it because I was shy about bringing it up. Normally I would feel a little uncomfortable with that type of thing but Patricia’s energy puts you at ease. She has this magnectic energy that drew me to her while at the same time she leaves you feeling calm and grounded.


So what exactly does a spiritual healing consist of?

When I got to her house, she briefly told me about the different components of what make up a typical session and we were ready to roll.

She has a beautiful home in the mountains and a healing room where she conducts her energy work. Upon entering her healing room, I was put at even more ease by the feeling of that room. There are beautiful pieces of art, crystals everywhere along with a Himalayan salt lamp with her cozy massage table in the center of the room.

I got in and snuggled up under the covers. Patricia made sure that I was comfortable and our session began.

She started off by spraying three scents: cedar, white sage and sweet grass…each one smelling better than the one before it. Aromatherapy and involving all of the senses is just one of the many components of the work that she does. Each component is well thought out and serves a purpose that she will explain to you prior to beginning a session with her.


I don’t want to spoil the experience, but I will say that she then went on to do some chakra work followed by Reiki. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch. This helps to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Before we began our session, Patricia explained how different people may feel different sensations when the negative energy leaves your body.  For me, I felt the sensation of numbness in both of my arms (which she had warned me about prior to starting). I felt like I was almost in a trance through most of our session and can tell you that I felt that I was able to go pretty “deep” into it. There were even times I felt like I was actually releasing negative energy through my mouth with these deep sighs that I had never done before prior to our session.

After we finished, we talked for a bit and strangely (and grossly), I felt this abscess (one of the joys of heroin use) that was bothering me on my chest actually started to drain. As gross as that sounds, I feel like it was my body physically getting out all of the shit that it needed to…both physically and from an energetic standpoint. It’s worth mentioning that she didn’t do any type of body work or even touch that area and that I was planning on seeing a doctor on Monday (this was on a Saturday) to have it surgically drained. Now, a day later, I can say that it feels 100% better and that I won’t need to see a doctor for it since it is finally on the mend.

After our session, I felt “lighter”. I also slept better than I had in a looong time.

Upon waking up today, that lightness remained and I found that I had more energy naturally…something that usually requires a few cups of coffee any other day.

Like a true healer and woman who genuinely cares about the people she treats, Patricia called the next day to check up on me and I thanked her again for the session.


If you ever find yourself in Idyllwild or somewhere where Patricia is holding an event, do your spirit a favor and see her…every part of your body and spirit will thank you for it!


To take a  excerpt from Radiance Magazine, Patricia summed up her work best by saying “I offer women the same thing I gave myself when I came up here to the Sacred Mountain. It’s a way to get quickly and deeply grounded with the earth and Divine Source, God, the Creator, Mother Nature, Great Spirit. You’re forced to slow down up here. It’s a small mountain town where everybody knows everybody. You can walk from one end of the village to the other in 10 minutes.”

She offers private, semi-private and even group settings where she works with her clients. She does everything from guiding her clients on what types of food they should eat for their body type to individualized stretching and how they should move their bodies…completely customized for her clients needs. In a nutshell, she addresses the whole package: mind, body and spirit. She essentially helps her clients discover their purpose in life and their dreams. She truly is a healer and uses that special energy that she has to help heal others.

To get a copy of her book, Your Amazing Itty Bitty Heal Your Body Book: 15 Essential Steps To Heal Our Mind, Body and Spirit, just click on the image of her book below.

To find out more, check out her websites http://www.divineyourpower.com and http://www.divinemountainretreat.com.

Image Credit:
Tawny Harrington, Diana Kurr from Voyage LA Magazine

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