Have you heard of ‘Project 333’? What about something called a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a term that Susie Faux came up with back in the 1970s when she owned a boutique clothing store in London called “Wardrobe”. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of style along with a few seasonal pieces.

Project 333 is essentially a minimalistic capsule wardrobe project. The idea is to only use 33 items for 3 months at a time (3 + 33 = Project 333). This works out to be one capsule for every season.

Despite coming off of the street with only 5 items to my name, it was surprisingly hard for even me to do this! Mainly because all in a matter of weeks, I had accumulated close to 100 pieces of clothing thanks to the generous donations of my friends & family. Most were hand me downs and a few were “getting clean gifts” but not a single item was ever intended to be paired with one of the other items leaving me with a lot of different styles and looks that I had to work with.


An authentic Project 333 involves including EVERYTHING that you plan on wearing including shoes, handbags and even other accessories such as belts and jewelry. My take on it was that I would include shoes and handbags but any other accessories I would be allowed free reign on. Part of this decision had to do with the fact that I usually wear 6 bracelets all of the time and when you’re dealing with having to hand pick 33 items that you’ll limit yourself to for 3 months, it just didn’t seem practical to include the jewelry.

Undergarments are traditionally excluded and I made the executive decision that PJs and workout clothes would be allowed to wear some of those items when necessary…think basic tees and leggings on days getting close to laundry day. Speaking of leggings, I found these leggings a little over a year ago and before I lost everything, I had them in several colors. They are super soft, come in a variety of different colors and are surprisingly made out of a good quality material. To top it off, they come with a high waistline, which gives  you just the right amount of added support to tuck away any little pooch that you may have. Don’t panic about the one size thing…I have always done the ‘one size’ option and have had them fit perfectly with a little room to stretch if necessary (I’m 5’8″ and 170).

So what was my approach?

First off, I grabbed “The Essentials”. Those were key pieces that I think every gal should have in her wardrobe. Items like basic tees, the perfect pair or jeans and leggings to name a few. They should be versatile enough to pair with other pieces and are items that you will most likely carry-on from one season to another. Think classics here. While I didn’t have all of those essential items, I grabbed what I did have from my pile of hand me downs which included:


  • White Camisole
  • Black Tank Top
  • White Basic Tee
  • Black Basic Tee
  • Black Three Quarter Shirt
  • White Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Cream Sweater
  • Black Sweater


  • Black Cigarette Pants
  • Black Leggings
  • Grey Skinny Pants
  • Skinny Jeans (I chose grey but a regular pair of blue jeans is on my Wishlist)
  • Black Skinny Jeans


  • Black Three Quarter Sleeve Dress
  • Black Sweater Dress


  • Comfy & Warm Down Jacket
  • Dressy Jacket
After the essentials are taken care of, its time to do the fun part. I call this the fun part because it involves shopping. This is where you get to pick out a few new items that are perfect for whatever season that you’re preparing your capsule for. I had a handful of these items that were already perfect in that pile hand me downs and was lucky enough to talk my aunt into getting me a pair of darling cognac booties.


  • Black & White Flannel
  • Colored Flannel (my aunt passed down a red one to me)
  • Reversible Long Wrap Sweater (picture above
  • Multicolored sweater/wrap/best thing (thanks again Aunt Pam!)


  • Olive Skinny Pants
  • Burgundy Velvet Skinny Pants
  • Faux Leather Leggings
  • Olive Knit Pencil Skirt


  • Sleeveless Navy w/ Red Trim Dress


  • Cognac Booties
  • Brown Weathered Riding Boots
To finish off your capsule, pick a color or two that will tie in your other pieces to give your wardrobe a concise and polished off look (I chose red).


  • Flowy Thermal in Red
  • Flowy Thermal in Burgundy
  • Red Sleeveless Top


  • Cognac Handbag
  • Light Grey Handbag
There you have it! That was my capsule for fall. Have you ever tried doing a capsule wardrobe and if so, how did it go?
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